Knightly greetings to everyone in the universal brotherhood!

The good news is, the Knights of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica (KMCE) is now global and open to everyone – regardless of race, color, creed or other distinctive elements of the ego. Yes, wherever you are, you are invited to become a KNIGHT.

A Knight of MCE is a warrior of peace and light whose essence is compassion, charity, chivalry and nobility. The mission of the knight is to fight human suffering and ignorance. This begins by entering the portals of KMCE, which is one of the highest mystery schools that will ensure one’s advancement with the guarded supreme technologies the knight would be equipped with. The word “Knight” refers to both male and female aspirants. In history, one of the leading Knights is Joan of Arc, a 15th century national heroine of France.

Membership in the Order is a rare and wonderful chance that empowers a person and enables him to enjoy life’s abundant blessings. Anyone can be a member, provided that he or she is at least 18 years old (parental consent is needed if below 18 years old), has an open mind, earnestness in his innermost heart to acquire higher learning or seeks self-improvement and a better life.

“By holiness in life, guard the precious Gem of Gems.
My Warriors! Life thunders – be watchful.
“My warriors, walk valiantly.
The growth of the spirit needs its impetus.
All can attain.
The Spirit, once called, will not turn back.
“You can carry My Shield.
In each pure thought lies the Glory of God.
I will grant you power to see and hear.
The first essentials are purity of air and clarity of spirit.”
– From Book I: Leaves of Morya’s Garden

The Beloved Order opens the gates for self-mastery for its Knights.

“If one man has conquered a thousand men in battle,
He is a great conqueror;
But if one man has conquered himself,
He is the greatest conqueror of all.”
– Siddharta Gautama, The Buddha (Enlightened One)


The Battle of the Self
The path is your life. As the Master Babai said, “Life is a struggle.” How else can you show your willpower, but in being able to materialize your desires in the physical plane? The final test of courage will come. You will be surrounded by problems and pleasures all around.
You must stand like a warrior. The first thing that will be tested as to your mastery is your mastery of physical life.
The Adept is not in stupor, not afloat, not muddled.
As Mabel Collins said, “The Warrior Within will fight for you.” But what if there is no Warrior Within?  What if you have not built up and developed this warrior?
Now is the time, the most auspicious time – the moment of truth. Make your decision now, this very day that you will start to act, to grow.
Armageddon within the Self
The battle of Kurushestra in the Mahabharata was a battle amongst relatives. Your demons are also yourself. Your virtues pitted against your weaknesses. Armageddon lies within yourself.
Evolution of the Self
Evolution of the self is brought on, not by outside experiences, but by internal ones. There is no evolution, even if there are many experiences, if these are not internalized.
The Way Out, the Only Safety: Knowledge and Power
The Teacher knows what you need. He puts you in certain situations and asks you to perform certain activities. But if the student is too slow, the Teacher might leave the student behind, and pass him to some other Teacher.
The student might not be capable of withstanding the conditions of the place to which his Teacher goes. Too much light is blinding. The Only way out is knowledge. 

The only safety is to empower yourself.